An urgent action item, bipartisan environmental legislation that is so important! Please consider calling:

At 8 AM on Thursday, February 16 (Room 311) New Mexico’s Senate Conservation Committee will hear two bills aimed at protecting wildlife and people. We need you to show up to support these important bills and help make New Mexico live up to its motto: Land of Enchantment.

Senate Bill 286, which will ban the use of traps and poisons on our public lands, was introduced by Senator Pete Campos (D – Las Vegas) and Senator Gay Kernan (R-Hobbs). Senate Bill 268, sponsored by Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces) and Senator Mark Moores (R- Albuquerque), will ban coyote killing contests and also enjoys broad bipartisan support.

Together, these two bills will bring significant new protections for native wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, and will eliminate some of the most cruel and outdated tools used in the War on Wildlife. Attend the hearings with Guardians and our allies and take a moment to call three key members of the committee today:

Sen. Joseph Cervantes – D (505) 986-4861

Sen. Richard Martinez – D (505) 986-4487

Sen. William Payne-R (505) 986-4702

Ask them to support these important bills during the committee hearing and when they reach the Senate floor.

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