Dear Friends,

You did it! We were told that Speaker Egolf’s office was flooded with calls. The Speaker has been responsive to our request and is very supportive of Pre-K.

We are optimistic that, with the Speaker’s help, HB 430 can be defeated in the House! If you get a chance today, call the Speaker, 505-986-4783 and thank him.

BUT – we have our work cut out for us. You may have seen the papers today – Coca Cola, the American Beverage Association, the Chamber of Commerce and others have formed a PAC to defeat our efforts to ensure Pre-K for Santa Fe’s children. They are asking Councilors to delay the election for more studies.

 Gearing up for next week:

  • The City’s Finance Committee will consider Pre-K for Santa Fe this Monday, February 27th at 5 pm at City Hall, 200 Lincoln Avenue. Please come and show your support.
  • Councilor Maestas (District 2) and Councilor Trujillo (District 4) introduced a resolution that would delay the election for an entire year! Can you call and email them and tell them Santa Fe’s kids can’t wait? Call Councilor Maestas and Trujillo and tell them NO DELAYS – in order to support Pre-K for Santa Fe, you must support an immediate funding source. Let the people vote!
Joseph Maestas
District 2 Councilor
(505) 955-6815
Ron Trujillo
District 4 Councilor
(505) 955-6811

Thanks again for your quick response.


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