Today, please ask House Labor Committee members to vote “No” on HB275 (link to bill:…/17%20Regul…/bills/house/HB0275.pdf)

HB275, Public-Private Partnerships
9 a.m. TODAY, Saturday: House Labor Committee, Location TBD

Oppose: House Bill 275 would broadly allow for privatization of financing, building, operations, and maintenance for virtually any public building, infrastructure, park, public schools and almost any other public facility in the state for 50 years. HB275 specifically authorizes privatizing environmentally critical infrastructure, including dams, reservoirs, sewage or water-treatment facilities, water pipelines, habitat or environmental restoration, hazardous-fuels reduction, power plants, solid waste, recycling and other basic, essential environmental assets. I’m attaching a fact sheet that’s worth a read. HB275 has passed one House committee, but we have a very good chance to stop it in House Labor.

The committee will hear public comment today but won’t vote on it (the sponsor asked to delay the vote). While Labor hearings are normally in Room 315, this might be on the House floor to accommodate more people. We’ll let you know. Please join the crowd!

We need folks to attend the committee hearing and email or call the following Democrats, all of whom we need to vote “No” on HB275.

Chair Bill McCamley (D-Las Cruces) 505-986-4415

Vice Chair Linda Trujillo (D-Santa Fe) 505-986-4255

Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Albuquerque) 505-986-4780

Miguel Garcia (D-Albuquerque) 505-986-4844

Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos) 505-986-4846

Angelica Rubio (D-Las Cruces) 505-986-4464

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