New Mexico’s National Popular Vote bill (Senate Bill 42 or SB 42) needs your support BEFORE (and during) its first hearing in the “House State Government, Indian & Veterans Affairs” committee this Tuesday, March 7. This will be a crucial test for SB 42 since the committee consists of only 1 more Democrat than Republicans. Please support as follows:

BETWEEN NOW AND MID-DAY MARCH 6: Call or email the following Democratic committee members or, better yet, visit their NM State Capitol (Roundhouse) office in Santa Fe and politely but assertively encourage them to support SB 42. We can’t assume that Democrats will automatically vote for the bill because even the most favorably inclined could be swayed last-minute during the actual hearing.

If you live in one of the listed legislative districts, so much the better because your voice will carry extra weight as a CONSTITUENT instead of just a regular NM voter.

To check your District number, go to and click on the top “Click here to find your legislator by address” button.

The list of committee members below does not include Republican legislators since most, if not all, Republicans appear to be determined to vote party-line against SB 42.

District 5: D. Wonda Johnson, Room 413D, (505) 986-4236,
District 10: Andres Romero, Room 413F, (505) 986-4433,
District 26: Georgene Louis, Room 312A, (505) 986-4327,
District 39: Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez, Room 206B, (505) 986-4248,
District 65: Derrick Lente, Room 413E, (505) 986-4433,

ON TUESDAY, MARCH 7: If possible, attend the “House State Government, Indian & Veterans Affairs” committee’s SB 42 hearing. The time tentatively has been set for 8 AM, but to be sure check the following NM Legislature’s session calendar the day before:

Here is the link to SB 42’s full text:…/17%20Regular/…/senate/SB0042.pdf

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