When: Monday, 3/6/17 5:45-7pm

Where: Los Alamos Jewish Center, 2400 Canyon Rd., Los Alamos

Standing with Jewish Communities Across America: A Candlelight Vigil

Hosted by Eli Ben-Naim and Sy Stange

Since the beginning of 2017, almost half the Jewish Community Centers in the U.S. have received bomb threats. Three Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized. And a bullet was fired into the window of a (thankfully, empty) synagogue classroom.

These antisemitic acts have left many Jews, including many members of our own community, feeling new anxieties about their own safety and the safety of our communal institutions.

To show our solidarity with Jewish communities across the country, and to show our determination to stand fast in the face of hatred, the LAJC will be holding a brief ma’ariv service at 5:45 pm on Monday, followed by a candlelight vigil at 6:15 pm

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