When: Saturday, 3/25/17 3-10pm

Where: La Plazita Institute, 831 Isleta Blvd. SW, Albuquerque

Hosted by AIM Albuquerque



People Of Mother Earth Wake Up For Our Future Generations! Please join us for this AIM Albuquerque Community Event, enjoy Navajo Tacos, Raffles, Live Music, Speakers and Art.

Navajo Taco Sale (starting at 3pm)

Speakers and Community Leaders:
Santiago Maestas, Welcoming President of SVRAA
Pablo Lopez, Open Prayer, Sunka Manitou Tanka Luta “Red Wolf”
Lenny Foster, AIM
Larry Foster, Tsa Ya Toh
Norman Patrick Brown, AIM
Dr. Yolanda Terran, International Treaties
Rob Rendville, We Are One River
Ken Augustine, The Impact of Fracking the Greater Chaco Region
Sam Gardipe, AIM/ABQ President
Lynnette Haozous, AIM ABQ

Conformidad de Danza Azteca

Andrew Thomas, Flute Player
Roadside Dwellers
Will Johnson, former XIT band member
Native Edge
Goo Nee Nees
Sunka Ska
Drum groups and more!..

Featuring Art by Monty SInger

We need to wake up for our future generations and start rebuilding our communities, and our own sense of belonging to the land. This is a call for unity, not only amongst us, but also with our relatives from the South.

The decisions that are being taken right now will not only affect Native/Indigenous communities across the nation, but all communities of color. This is nothing new. Indigenous communities around the world have been fighting the devastating effects that Transnational companies have had on Indigenous land to extract natural resources. These tendencies have displaced our people and it continues to have negative effects on our health, youth, and communities at large.

Come learn more from community speakers, Indigenous issues, and how to get involved and support.


2:30-3:30 Aztec Dancers: Conformidad de Danza Azteca

3:30-3:45 Pablo Lopez: Opening prayer

3:45-4:00 Santiago Maestas: Welcoming President of SVRAA

4:00-4:30 Sunka Ska: Drum group

4:30-4:40 Sam Gardipe: AIM/ABQ President

4:40-4:50 Lynnette Haozous: AIM ABQ

4:50-5:20 Ken Augustine: The Impact of Fracking the Greater Chaco Region presentation.

5:20-5:30 Rob Rendville: We Are One River

5:30-6:00 Will Johnson: Former XIT member

6:00-6:20 Yolanda Terran: International Treaties

6:20-6:45 Lenny Foster: AIM Wounded Knee Veteran

6:45-7:15 Andrew Thomas: Native Flute

7:15-7:40pm Norman Patrick Brown: AIM

7:40-8:10pm Native Edge: Live Band

8:10-8:35 Larry Foster: Tsa Ya Toh

8:35-9:05 Roadside Dwellers: Live Band

9:05-9:35 Goo Nee Nees: Live Band

AIM Albuquerque











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