CLOSET BALL: 2017 – 4/1/17


When:  Saturday, 4/1/17 6pm

Where:  Skylight Santa Fe, 139 W. San Franscisco St., Santa Fe

Hosted by Santa Fe Pride

Closetball is BACK!! Doors open at 6:15pm show starts at 7pm
And this year a local city politician and their partner have come forth to participate!! come see the show and help support a benefit for Santa Fe Pride!!

Closetball is when both for those who have never done drag both from the gay community and straight community come for to raise money for a good cause. This year Closetball will be to help Santa Fe Pride. Come see some people transition and put on a show for you!!

The person who raises the most money based off thier transition and performance will be this years Closetball Winner!!

plus guest performances, Bella Gigante, and see the crowning of this years Miss Santa Fe Pride!!

The event will be $10.00 per person at the door



When:  Monday, 5/1/17 4-7pm

Where – Tiguex Park, 1898 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque

Hosted by El Centro de Igualdad

Amig@s (For English see under)

El 1 de mayo, inmigrantes y aliados de todo el país se levantarán en resistencia para demostrar la fuerza econoómica y poliítica de nuestras comunidades. El CENTRO, junto con docenas de organizaciones de todo el país hacen un llamado para un dia sin compras, sin trabajo, y sin escuela. Únase a #RiseUP para mostrar el poder y la resiliencia de nuestra comunidad. El 1 de mayo será un día de unidad y solidaridad. Gente de buena voluntad de todos los movimientos se están uniendo y serán bienvenidos para ayudar a llevar la antorcha. Mostraremos el poder y el músculo de nuestras comunidades: aliadas progresistas, iglesias, organizaciones comunitarias, sindicatos, organizaciones ambientales y LGBTQ, y otros aliados comprometidos a resistir y derrotar a Trump y dispuestos a luchar para forzar al gobierno Trump a terminar o reducir los ataques Inmigrantes.

Éste evento será una manifestación pacífica para defender a nuestras comunidades inmigrantes/refugiados y rerechos laborales.

Tendremos voceros, danzantes, música en vivo, actividades para toda la familia. Estilo Día de Campo ¡VISTETE DE BLANCO!

Dale este link para bajar nuestro bolante: http://elcentronm.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/MAY-DAY-FLYER-SPAN.jpg


On May 1st, immigrant familes, low-wage workers and allies all over the country will rise up in resistance to demonstrate the strength of our communities. El CENTRO, along with dozens of organizations around the country make a call for day with no work, no school, and no purchases. Join we #RiseUP to show the power and resilience of our communities. May 1st will be a day of unity and solidarity. People of good will from all movements are joining and will be welcomed to help carry the torch. We will display the power and muscle of progressive ally organizations, churches, community based organizations, labor unions, environmental and LGBTQ organizations and other allies committed to resisting and defeating Trump and other anti-immigrant politicians and willing to fight to force the Trump administration to end or scale back attacks on immigrant families.

We will come together as a community at a peaceful rally to defend our immigrants’/refugees’ communities and workers’ justice. We will have speakers, danzantes, live music, activities for the entire family, and more. Picnic Style. WEAR WHITE!

Click this link to download our flyer: http://elcentronm.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/MAY-DAY-FLYER.jpg



When:  Monday, 4/3/17 7-10pm

Where: Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe

Hosted by Indivisible Santa Fe

We will work together to:

-Identify the few issues where we can make the most impact as a group
-Compile an action calendar for the coming week
-Get trained in how to effectively influence our Members of Congress
-Share in the community of like-minded people
-Identify long-term objectives and shape the future of our group

Join us as we fight against Trump and for a progressive agenda!


Equal Pay Day Santa Fe

When:  Tuesday, 4/4/17 12-1pm

Where:  Santa Fe Plaza

Hosted by Women’s March on Washington Santa Fe

Women’s March on Washington Santa Fe believes in equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, color, orientation, or beliefs.

Equal Pay Day was originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) in 1996 as a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages.

In 2015 Hispanic women earned 54% of what their white male counter parts earned, African American women earned 63%, white women earned 75% and Asian women earned 85% of what their white male counterparts earned (AAUW).

April 4th represents the approximate day that women must work to in the current year to make the same amount of money men did in the previous year.

WMWSF will be supporting this cause by holding a rally, co-sponsored by WMWSF, Pre-K for Santa Fe and IATSE 480, at the Santa Fe Plaza on Tuesday, April 4th from 12:00 – 1:00pm. Various speakers including Mayor Javier Gonzales, Pre-K for Santa Fe organizer Danila Zidovsky, City Councilwoman Renee Villarreal, Sarah Ghiorse withNewMexicoWomen.org, Jeanne Patrick with American Association of University Women (AAUW) Santa Fe, Lina Germann with STEM Santa Fe, and Anthropologist Elly Power with The Santa Fe Institute will present about pay equality and ways to positively effect the gender pay gap for women in the workforce.

“In person absentee vote” for Pre-K for Santa Fe at City Hall before or after the event and you will be eligible for validated free parking at The Convention Center.

IATSE 480 will provide sack lunches!

Wear RED on Equal Pay Day Santa Fe to symbolize women being “in the red” in regards to pay equality and to emphasize the visual effect of our message.

To support our event, please contribute to our ‘GoFundMe campaign here:

Volunteer to help with the event here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScf3edZgC87nyep3AKftb3q7P98tcBuvKpa0nQXNFbhpZPdxA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you!

El grupo Women’s March on Washington Santa Fe(WMWSF por sus siglas en inglés) cree en la igualdad salarial por igual trabajo sin importar género, raza y color, orientación sexual o sus creencias.

Día de Igualdad Salarial (Equal Pay Day) originó a través del Comité Nacional en Igualdad Salarial (NCPE por sus siglas en Inglés) en 1996 como un evento de concienciación publica para demostrar la diferencia entre los salarios de los hombres y los salarios de mujeres.

En 2015, mujeres Hispanas ganaban el 54% de lo que ganaron sus compañeros masculinos. Las mujeres Afro-Americanas ganaron el 63%, mujeres de raza blanca ganaron un 75% y mujeres Asiáticas ganaron 85% del salario de sus compañeros masculinos. (Estadísticas de American Association of University Women, AAUW por sus siglas en Inglés).

El 4 de abril simboliza los mas de cuatro meses del año que tienen que trabajar algunas mujeres para poder alcanzar lo que los hombres ganaron durante el año anterior.

La organización estará apoyando esta causa por medio de una manifestación co-patrocinada por WMWSF, Pre-K for Santa Fe y IATSE 480. La manifestación se llevara a cabo en la Plaza de Santa Fe el martes 4 de abril de 12 a 1 de la tarde. Tendrá oportunidad de escuchar varios discursos por medio del Alcalde Javier Gonzales, la organizadora del programa Pre-K for Santa Fe Danila Crespin-Zidovsky, un representante de NewMexicoWomen.org, Jeanne Patrick, representante de AmericanAssociation of University Women (AAUW) Santa Fe, Lina Germann con STEM Santa Fe, la antropóloga Elly Power del Santa Fe Institute y otros, quienes presentarán discursos sobre la igualdad salarial y sobre maneras de afectar de manera positiva, la brecha salarial para las mujeres en sus empleos.

Tendrá oportunidad de “votar por correspondencia en persona” antes o después en el Palacio Municipal. También será elegible para obtener estacionamiento validado gratis en el Centro de Convenciones.

IATSE 480 proporcionara alimentos.

Pongase algo ROJO el Día de Igualdad Salarial de Santa Fe para simbolizar que la mujer esta “in the red”, frase en inglés que significa números positivos con respecto a la igualdad salarial y también para poder enfatizar el efecto visual de nuestro mensaje.

WMWSF WEBSITE: www.wmwsf.net
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Womens-March-on-Washington-Santa-Fe-774712586009598/
INSTAGRAM: wmwsantafe

PRE-K for SANTA FE FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/prekforsantafe/




When:  Saturday, 4/22/17 10:30am – 2pm

Where:  March starts at Plaza.  March to Roundhouse.  Rally at Roundhouse.

March for Science

This article highlights an important goal of our March for Science: learn about the amazing science that’s happening in New Mexico, directly from scientists, researchers, teachers, and students. We’re putting them front and center at the rally and expo, so there will be plenty of incredible people for you to talk to, learn from, and satisfy your scientific curiosity, including our brilliant scientist speakers: Nina Lanza, Better Korber, and Todd Ringler.



When:  Wednesday, 4/5/17 6-8pm

Where: Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 412, 510 San Pedro Dr. SE, Albuquerque

Hosted by Juan Sanchez III

Please join us for a Question and Answer session!

Please join us on Wednesday, April 5th, at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Hall from 6:00-8:00 pm. Please arrive at 6:00 to submit your questions for Juan. Q&A will begin promptly at 6:15.

Juan Sanchez III is running for Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico

Juan is a 12th generation New Mexican from a respected ranching family with roots in Valencia and Socorro Counties. He graduated from New Mexico Highlands University and has diverse work experience, from campaign organizing to working in the solar industry. Juan is completing a masters degree in Water Resources and has always been an advocate for preserving New Mexico’s natural resources. He is a millennial who cares deeply about merging traditional Democratic values with Progressive values held by many voters. As Chair he will continue to bring growth and inclusiveness, opportunity and stability to the Democratic Party of New Mexico.